Herbalist-formulated whole-body care

Our mission

The mission of Infusion Herb Company is to empower you to own your wellness by offering you herbalist-formulated medicinal products made from the healing plants we grow on our farm. We aim to share the wisdom of the plants through herbal education, tips and explanations so you know how they can support you. Next time you feel out of balance, you'll know which plant to reach for.

The apothecary

Our MOFGA certified apothecary opened in 2017. We offer herbal tisanes, concentrates, and infused oils and salves, all formulated by herbalist Emily Springer. The actual apothecary building is located on Meeting House Farm in a lovely neighborhood community in Scarborough, Maine. We are online-only, and not open to the public. We designate Tuesday through Friday for shipping.

The farm

Our artisanal apothecary is located on an organic and biodynamic farm in Scarborough, Maine called Meeting House Farm. Here at Meeting House, not only do we grow all the herbs for Infusion Herb Company, we are an herb growers collaborative, selling local herbs from dozens of different farms to local herbalists in the Northeast, bridging the accessibility gap and empowering more people to make and grow local medicine for their communities. Check out our website to learn more. www.meetinghouse.farm

A note from Emily Springer, founder of Infusion Herb Company

I grew up in a family that looked to plants first for healing and nourishment. As I grew into an adult I became passionate about growing my own food as medicine. As a mother of twins that became even more important.

My career after college focused on financial services for 20 years. The year I turned 40 I took a huge leap! I left my big financial job and founded Infusion Herb Company with the goal of bringing herbs into the mainstream of Maine family life.

We are a farming family. We value the land and our interaction with it, plants & animals. Our vision is to make herbal therapies available and enjoyable and to make plants the first place you go to for wellness, not your last resort.