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We believe in the power of community, the power of womanhood and the power of a well-nurtured body. Located on an organic & biodynamic farm in Scarborough, Maine, we want to do our part by offering all natural, hand-crafted herbal products that heal & support. It is our intention to help you reach a state of empowered wellness so that you can, in turn, nurture your family and your community.

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  • Herbal Tisanes

    Tisane is an old term for what we know today as an herbal tea. “Tea” actually refers to the Tea plant, which contains caffeine. None of our blends have any real Tea or caffeine in them.
    Herbalist-formulated to taste good and be good for you. Drinking an herbal tisane delivers powerful medicinal support to the body and can quickly become a daily ritual of self-care. 

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  • Infused Serums & Salves

    As our largest organ, the skin has the ability to absorb nutrients while simultaneously shedding unwanted toxins.
    Topical salves and oils infused with medicinal plants are a traditional and highly effective method of topical herbal therapy, giving your body the support it needs to heal itself and do its job.

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  • Herbal Concentrates

    Concentrate is an umbrella term for Extracts, Oxymels & Syrups. To make our extracts, our medicinal plants are infused in organic alcohol for one lunar cycle. We then strain out the plant material, and top the solution with a touch of Portland honey. It makes for a delicious and healing herbal extract, concentrating the plant’s medicinal properties into a small, easy to take dropper bottle.

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Intention to heal

Every product in our apothecary has been created out of a specific need in our family & community. After years of healing our loved ones, these family-tested products are now available for you and yours. We've found they work beautifully, making life a little bit softer, so it's easier to show up for each other as our best selves.

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Skin health is related to most every organ in your body, especially the... 

Herbal Tisanes



Our herbal tisanes are thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality organic herbs grown right... 

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