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Celebrate Spring Cleanse

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Join Emily Springer on her annual Spring Cleanse.  A guided journey to help you learn about yourself, cleanse your mind & body and feel your BEST.

What:  6 day cleanse following the Spring Equinox.  A supportive cleanse with check in sessions over video every day, a care package to support you and yummy healthy recipes to make your cleanse successful. This cleanse offers a supportive environment and a suggested program for a week cleanse.  You will be joining Emily on her cleanse and she will be holding space for you as you take this journey together.  This cleanse has 5 days of clean vegetarian eating and one day of liquid or full water fasting.  It is a very gentle cleanse and participants should feel free to modify so that it is most supportive for them.

Why cleanse:  Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day.  We have a natural detoxification support and it is good to support these systems occasionally.  Spring is an especially good time – our bodies are primed to be getting rid of toxins that can build up in us over a long dark winter.

 Why Now:  Spring is the BEST time for your body to cleanse toxins gained over winter.  Most folks feel January is the best time for cleansing after holiday excess but your body actually needs a little extra fat to get it through the long cold winter – especially up north.  After Spring Equinox your body is primed to get rid of toxins.  We flow best with the earths rhythms and as mother nature provides us with dandelions in the front yard and stinging nettles in the medicinal garden it is a sign to clear out what your body no longer needs.

Even More Details:

What you get when you sign up:

~Access to Emily for the entire week of the cleanse.  Cleansing needs support.

~Daily video sessions for support and questions.

~Printable guide with herbal education on a few specific herbs that are supportive for a cleanse.

~Healthy Recipe ideas

~A care package that includes:

       ~Optional Coffee Alternative

        ~Liver Support Herbal Concentrate

        ~Optional Probiotic Supplement

        ~Optional 2 Essential Fatty Acid Supplements (Fish Oil and Primrose Oil)

        ~Detox Soak

        ~2 Herbal Tisanes (Herbal Teas)

We will meet virtually via Zoom video. Emily will host a free information session for 1 hour on Saturday, April 8 at 4:30 pm (all are invited). We will outline the cleanse, walk you through the care package, and talk about what to expect. 

The actual cleanse will begin on Monday, April 24 with an 8:00 am EDT video session AND a 4:30 pm EDT community session.  We will meet daily the week of April 24-April 29 at 4:30 pm EDT for 30 minutes.  All video sessions are optional but are not recorded.  Our last session will be Saturday at 4:30 when the cleanse ends.

What do I get:  7 video sessions.  2 jars of herbal tisane, liver support herbal concentrate.  Space and support with Emily available via phone for and text as needed during your cleanse and daily recipe suggestions.

Optional add-ons:  coffee replacement, probiotic, essential fatty acid supplements

How do I know I should consider a gentle Spring cleanse?    

Abnormal body odor

Aching joints

Bad breath

Joint pain

Brittle hair & nails

Chronic fatigue, insomnia or respiratory problems

Feeling depressed


Poor digestion



Unexplained weight gain (note that this is NOT a weight loss cleanse)

Foggy brain

Any of these symptoms could be helped by a cleanse.  You know your body best and if your intuition guides you to a cleanse then it might be a great journey for you:

Please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to cleansing but especially if you have cancer, an eating disorder, are taking metal health pharmaceuticals or are taking regular prescription medications.  We are not a licensed healthcare facility. 

About our Herbs

Each herb that goes into the products we make at Infusion Herb Co is grown from seed on our organic farm in Scarborough, Maine.

We tend the soil and plants using biodynamic practices in harmony with nature. Harvested by hand at specific times when the plant is at its peak, in order to capture the best and highest nutritional value.
We dry immediately after harvest to preserve quality and maximize potency.

The result is something you can see, taste, smell and feel. Something you can't get from a conventional big box company.

Farm & Apothecary

Herbalist formulated to feel good and be good for you. All the products in our apothecary are made using the herbs and botanicals we grow organically at Meeting House Herb Farm in Scarborough, Maine. Each product has been created because of a need in our family or community

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